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Jenny Q. - Totnes
"Nick can unravel a very full picture.... with skill and sensitivity....sometimes revealing something unexpected yet precisely relevant. Time is always spacious, unhurried, calm and supportive. He has been our trusted family homeopath for nearly 20 years. This is a treasure as he has such a comprehensive understanding of us over a long period. Would not hesitate to recommend him. "

S. Hannis - Totnes
"I have no doubt that Nick is a wise, caring and very sensitive practitioner. He has steered me through 15 years of small and major health crises and I unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone seeking a homeopath."

L. McBride, Devon
"I discovered Nick Taylor about seven years ago, before I even left the US to live in the UK. I visited Tavistock at least twice a year, and knowing how homeopathy works, I thought that would be fine until our planned move to the UK, which we did five years ago. Since then, I have seen Nick Taylor several times, sometimes for minor issues, and a couple of times for seriously disturbing conditions. In every case, he gave me the remedies that worked, and quickly. He is almost magical in his ability to match the remedy with the constitution of the patient. Once or twice, he also had to counteract what I had taken after doing on-line research because I didn't want to "bother" Nick...but I got it wrong! And he didn't even make me feel embarrassed about my "do-it-yourself brain surgery." If you are familiar with homeopathy, I think you will like Nick's balanced approach between science and insights developed in taking the history. If you are new to homeopathy, I expect Nick Taylor would also explain how it works...and then the remedies would be the proof of the pudding. "

Trish C, Okehampton
"I have used homeopathy for over 23yrs and having just moved to Devon needed to find an experienced homeopath to care for myself and my family. Nick is warm, friendly and very approachable, my son and partner are currently seeing Nick and both are benefiting greatly! I can fully recommend him! "

B. Hughes - Dartmouth
"I have been seeing Nick for over 10years now and he has been a constant support in my recovery from Chronic fatigue. As my main therapist, he has helped and continues to help me peel away the layers that have kept me stuck in unhelpful patterns that create stress and ill heath in my life. He is always reliable, intuitive, kind and quick to respond with any query. I can not recommend him highly enough. "

F.Fletcher - Tavistock
"I've been seeing Nick Taylor over a long period concerning a serious mental health issue - I turned to Nick after becoming extremely frustrated with the treatment I was receiving from the local mental health team (I found the medication they prescribed not only didn't help, but in fact made things very considerably worse). I have gone from someone who experienced severe difficulties leaving the house, didn't work or drive, and had very few friends, to a man who can perform full-time work, does drive, and has a healthy social life. I still have problems, but believe they can be remedied in time. I believe my transformation is due to Nick, and the homeopathic treatment he has given me. Not only that but I like him enormously as a person, too. He is empathetic, a good listener, and completely trustworthy. It is a shame more people with health complaints don't turn to homeopathy and people like Nick. I owe him nearly everything."

P. Maisey - Okehampton
Nick was once my practice supervisor and has remained the one person I go to for my own homeopathic care. A kind and astute listening ear who has helped me homeopathically through a number of the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' that life has thrown at me from time to time. "

H.Mullin - Totnes
"I have seen Nick Taylor as a homeopath several times over a number of years. Each time I have been to see him, Nick has been sincerely interested in and concerned with my story and symptoms. He shows authentic care, and I trust him because of this. He has chosen some right on remedies for me! Indeed, I would highly recommend Nick as a homeopath to anyone."

D. Blackford - Brixham
"I have been seeing Nick Taylor for a few months following recommendations of a friend to help with on-going health issues. I was nervous at first of seeing a male therapist but he soon put me at ease and I found him easy to communicate with. I like the way Nick gives you time to relax and always feel he is very supportive. Any queries I have had have always been promptly and professionally answered. Having many years of homeopathy knowledge myself I was extremely impressed by his wealth of knowledge - vastly greater than my own - gives me great confidence in the final successful outcome of my treatment."

H. Kirk - Plymouth
Nick is an excellent homoeopath. I, and my daughter, have consulted him when necessary over many years and have recommended him to friends. His treatments have worked very well for us. Nick is very experienced and professional, and very knowledgeable about homoeopathy. He is also a very good listener, and is empathic and kind."

H. Stace - Plymouth
"I first visited Nick with my daughter some 15 years ago when she was aged about 2. She had been suffering for some time with repeated colds, ear infections and mild Eczema which despite multiple courses of antibiotics and steroid creams from the doctor were very persistent. At this stage I had had enough of a constantly poorly baby and knowing nothing about Homeopathy, decided to give it a shot as we couldn't be any worse off ! Right from our first appointment, I found Nick to be very thorough and professional and felt great confidence that he would be able to help, especially after he explained how Homeopathy worked in excellent detail. Very quickly after starting treatment with Nick and ditching everything that I had been given by the doctor, the ear infections went away and her capacity to fight colds became better and over the course of a few weeks her eczema vanished. She never had another ear infection and her well being kept improving with regular top up sessions with Nick. Her Eczema only ever reappeared whenever she teethed and this was quickly cleared with a visit to Nick. Over the years, we have seen Nick on a more infrequent basis as she has since been such a healthy child/teenager - but I would not hesitate to contact Nick again for any future ailment, or recommend him to my family/friends."

Mrs. S.D (Tavistock)
I had a chronic cough for 15 years before consulting with Mr Taylor. I also suffered with low energy and poor sleep, as well as migraines, and awful heartburn. My first appointment lasted about an hour and a half and I was asked a lot of questions about my symptoms and the way they affect me. I was also asked questions about any other health problems during my life. The homeopath also wanted to know about my life style and about anything that causes me undue stress. He wanted to know about things which I thought were irrelevent, but obviously they weren't, because when I began taking the homeopathic remedy that he prescribed for me I began to notice a subtle improvement in my symptoms within a few days. Within two weeks of starting the treatment my symptoms had improved by about ninety percent. Now it is 18 months since beginning treatment, and I am off all medication from the GP - I just don't need it anymore! All my symptoms are so much better that they hardly bother me at all these days. I am so glad that I found homeopathy as my quality of life is so much better.

Miss. P.L (Totnes)
I brought my son to see Nick because he was pickled in eczema. He developed it since about 3 month's old and the GP prescribed steroids which worked for a while, but then the eczema came back. Despite using more steroids his skin would keep flaring up. I was reluctant to keep using the steroids as I know that they damage the skin. That was when a friend recommended me to Nick because he had already helped with her daughter's eczema. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first, but I soon changed my mind when I witnessed the dramatic results. After starting the homeopathic medicine my son's eczema became worse for a few days (as Nick explained that it might). Then it started to clear and within a week it was almost gone - and it has remained that way ever since, only needing the occassional dose of the homeopathic medicine if he has a little flare up.

B.Y. (Totnes)
I want to thank you Nick for the help that you have given me. I know that the remedy has helped me tremendously, but also important is having someone who listens attentively. I always thought that I would never be free from the anxiety and digestive problems that I have lived with for years. These have been such long standing problems but since taking the homeopathic remedy they have all but disappeared. Life is now much less of a struggle and I feel so much more confident.

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