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How does it work?

Homeopaths use specially prepared 'remedies' derived from plants, minerals, and animal substances. These remedies, prescribed in the form of tablets or drops, stimulate one's innate self-healing capacity.
When we are in good health, we are brimming with vitality, creativity, and feel in the full flow of life; we are able to deal with challenges, overcome difficulties, and seem more or less immune to illness.
We become susceptible to ‘dis-ease’ when we are off balance; when our system becomes compromised in some way by extreme or ongoing stress, poor diet, bad relationships, shock or trauma….
In contast to conventional medicine, which treats symptoms by suppressing them with drugs, homeopaths recognise that the symptoms are merely the result of a system that is out of balance. Homeopathic medicine treats the person rather than the symptoms - get the person better and the symptoms go away, and stay away.

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What are homeopathic remedies?

The remedies which homeopaths use come from many different sources. Most are derived from plants, but minerals, metals and some poisons which have been used medicinally for generations are also used. After initial preparation of the raw material the remedies are made by serial dilution and succussion (vigourous shaking) in a solution of alcohol and water. This is done a few (three to four) times or up to many thousands of times. The liquid dilution is then used itself as a remedy or soaked into tablets or granules for convenience. The diluted remedies are described as being ‘potentized’, in recognition of the dynamic healing power they can stimulate.

Typical session

Imagine your life as a story with many chapters. The story has a flow – a continuity; one chapter flows to the next, and so on. Your story isn’t finished yet – perhaps you have only just begun, or perhaps your story is nicely matured! Whatever stage you are at, this is the point in your story when you visit the homeopath. Conventional medicine will tend to focus on the current chapter of your life story, ignoring the whole book that has been unfolding up to this point in time. The homeopath wants to know about the whole book – to be told the whole story from the beginning. It is only by understanding your whole story that we can truly understand why you have become ill.

The initial consultation lasts 1-2 hours. You will be invited to tell your ‘story’ and will be asked about many aspects of your life, including past medical history, sleep pattern, diet, personality traits, relationships, and anything else that may be relevant. Naturally the consultation is entirely confidential.
Once your case has been carefully considered you will be prescribed a homeopathic medicine in the form of tablets or drops.

How often do I need to visit the homeopath?

This depends on your case, but appointments are usually spaced between 2-6 weeks apart, the gap between appointments becomes longer as you improve.

How soon can I expect to see improvement?

Again, this depends on your case. Long standing chronic, or deep seated conditions will take longer to improve than more recent superficial conditions. In most cases you will know if the treatment is going in the right direction within a few weeks. In some cases there is improvement within hours or days of starting treatment. Your homeopath will be able to to give you a better idea of what you can expect to happen after your first consultation when he has assessed your individual case history.

Can I continue to use the drugs my GP or consultant has prescribed?

Yes, in most cases homeopathy can work through prescribed drugs. If you want to come off drugs prescribed by your GP then, in some cases, homeopathy can support you to do that, although you would need to seek advice from your GP or the health professional who originally prescribed the drugs.

What are the fees?

Initial consultation 1 hour £75
Follow-up 30-60 mins £50
Initial consultation 1 hour £55
Follow-up 30-60 mins £40

Remedy cost is included in the fee.

Repeat prescriptions with no appointment £10-£25

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